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Wednesday - Update 2.0


Update 2.0 at a Glance

"This is just the start of a huge year for Vainglory. New heroes, new gameplay depth, and new game modes are coming in 2017!" -PlayoffBeard

Mystery Chests

Designed to make it easier for players to get the heroes and skins they love, the introduction of Mystery Chests promises a 1 in 3 chance of winning one. Also, you have an extremely rare chance of winning a 1 Million Opals Jackpot. The mystery remains to see who the lucky one is.


Idris is finally here to wreck havoc in the Fold! Decide your fate, test your skills, and play this new versatile hero. Building weapon items allow for you to easily pick off enemy heroes with low health. Crystal items will allow you to secure kills from a distance by remaining at the edge of the fight and gaining ranged basic attacks. 

New Hero Skins

Gladiator Ardan traps his enemies with a barbed wire and stakes gauntlet.  Winter War Catherine looks even more deadly with a red and black romanesque. Fortress prances and cheerfully lights up the arena as Gift Wrapped Fortress. Winter War Kestrel's goggles activate a green laser when she activates her camouflage - how cool is that?  Enjoy these great new additions!

New Items

Poisoned Shiv is designed to cut down on healing, barrier, and fortified health allowing you to tear down defenses. Have you ever wished that you could use Kestrel's One Shot One Kill one more time? Well, Echo allows you to do just that by replicating your last ability used. Slumbering Husk protects you from an enemy hero's burst damage such as Joule's Big Red Button. Lastly, Nullwave Gauntlet grants a 5 second silence to enemy heroes.

New Winter Map

This beautiful winter wonderland is rich in whimsical cool hues that make you feel right at home.

Guild Improvements

In response to player feedback, SEMC has made updates to the guild system. These upgrades will include easier ways to find and join guilds, new administration tools, and improved reward payouts for solo and group play.


New roles have been introduced in update 2.0 to clarify in-game goals and objectives. The Jungler is meant to annoy and kill off a lone enemy. The Captain is the shot-caller and team protector. Lastly, the Carry is the primary damage dealer.

Take a deeper look at Vainglory Update 2.0.

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