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Monday - VISPRO, Idris Lore II, C- Ops Tournament Review, and more


VISPRO - Day 1 Week 7

Day 1

Hammer Esports  2 : 0  Team Phoenix 

GankStars  2 : 0 Nemesis

Rewatch Matches

Day 2 matches start tomorrow, Dec 13 at 6PM PT. 

Update 2.0 Server Downtime

Server Downtime has been announced for Wednesday, December 14 at 6AM PT / 2PM GMT. 

Idris Lore II

"In the year of nightly battles he had seen many kinds of Churnbeasts, horrific evolutions of animals and plants, but what slithered through the door was another thing altogether..."  


Idris arrives at The House of Insight - a place of learning that was left abandoned and is beyond repair. Overflowing with books and amongst all these relics there lives a terrifying creature, one that leaves us wondering what its true purpose is.  

Critical Ops

Mobcrush Cup #5


The ESL Mobcrush Series included a heavy match between Hammers (Kings) and Carbon Wisdom in the finals. Hammers won first place this week with 3rd place going to Nemesis and 4th to Immortals. 

Bracket / Rewatch Matches


The 5th installment of the ESL Mobcrush Series resulted in GankStars and Team Phoenix face to face in the finals. GankStars picked up a phenomenal 2nd place finish to TPHX Reborn. The match concluded with a 3-0 victory for TPHX. Match results of DoMTyrany and Nemesis for 3rd was not played. 

Brackets / Rewatch Matches


Saturday was the start of the first ever VIS Leauge Invitational for Critical Ops. Only the top 8 Teams were invited to participate in the tournament. 1st Place prize was set at $200 and 240 cases, the competition was fierce! 

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