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Friday - VISPRO and Collegiate StarLeague Finals

Vainglory Tournaments

VISPRO - Day 2

Ardent  2 : 0  Nemesis

Cloud9  1 : 1  KinetiK

Rewatch Matches

Day 1 Results:

Team Solomid  1: 1  Team Phoenix

Hammers Esports  1 : 1  GankStars

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Collegiate StarLeague Finals

American River College Champions!

ARC  2 : 0  UC Merced

Critical Ops Tournaments

ESL Mobcrush Cup Series

Dec 10 EU 3PM GMT / 7:00 AM PT

Dec 10 NA 3PM PT 

Watch matches on Mobrush 


Dec 10 11AM PT on Mobcrush


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