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Thursday - VISPRO, Idris Lore, and more


Day 1 Week 5

Team Solomid  1: 1  Team Phoenix

Hammers Esports  1 : 1  GankStars


Tune in tomorrow for Day 2 featuring:

Nemesis V Ardent at 6PM PT

Cloud9 V Eanix at 7PM PT

only on Mobcrush.


Idris Lore

A man without fear reaches his destination the moment he chooses to depart.

Adagio and Idris meet in "The Advice Not Given".  Idris and his people have survived the destruction of their beautiful crystal cities. The surrounding jungle and creatures slowly take over, and soon their homeland will be destroyed. Idris and Adagio converse about their magical powers and the possibilities of a not so terrifying future.  Read more about Idris' lore written by SugarVenom

Collegiate StarLeague

Don't miss the CSL Finals tomorrow at 7PM PT only on Twitch!

Critical Ops

Mobcrush Cup #5 

Signups are underway for the ESL Mobcrush Cup. If you and your team need help enlisting, watch the following tutorial by iChase. The top team will earn $100 for every player. 

Contact Daily Flex: / or tag us on Twitter.

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