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Wednesday - Collegiate StarLeague and ESL Mobcrush Cup


Collegiate StarLeague Semi's

American River  2 : 0  RPI

University of Florida 2 : 1 UC Merced  TBD Live Now

Finals will take place this Friday, December 9th at 7pm PT.


Critical Ops

ESL Mobcrush Cup Series

Changes have been made to the Mobcrush Cup Series due to player feedback and requests.

Starting this weekend all weekly tournaments will be played on Saturdays. EU tournaments will start at 4PM CET / 7AM PT and NA tournaments will start at 3PM PT. Finals will be on Sunday, Dec 18, and start at 4PM CET / 7AM PT for EU and 3PM PT for NA. In addition, players must compete with the same team on a monthly basis. If you are looking to join a new team or create your own you must wait until the month is over. 

$100 is awarded weekly to the players of the top team. Only the top 8 teams qualify for the monthly finals and the top team is awarded $400 to each player. If you need help signing your team up for the ESL Mobcrush Cup watch the following tutorial by iChase.

Hammers Esports Acquires Kings Clan

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