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Tuesday - VG Update 2.0 Preview and Collegiate StarLeague


Update 2.0

New Hero Idris

A new versatile hero is here to wreck havoc in the Fold - Idris! By building weapon items he will be easily able to pick off heroes with low health as an in-your-face assassin. Crystal items will allow him to secure kills from a distance by gaining ranged basic attacks. Tap on the picture below for information on his abilities.

Role Changes

VG is restructuring its roles to be; Captain, Carry, and Jungler. The Captain will be the shot-caller and protector of the group. The Carry will be the one to secure kills. Lastly, the Jungler is a combination of both Carry and Captain, being a viable threat to the enemy Carry. For more information on role changes tap the picture below.

Guild Improvements

SEMC has made improvements to the guild system in response to player feedback. These upgrades will include; admin changes, a new guild rewards system, and a better way to find guilds. Tap on the picture below to get full details. 

Collegiate StarLeague

CSL is wrapping up the season this week. Ten schools had entered the league and now only four remain; American River College, UC Merced, University of Florida, and Rensselaer Polytech.  SEMC and CSL are gathering information prior to sign-ups in January to start connecting people to form teams.  If you and your friends are interested in signing up for the Spring Season please fill out this survey. The Spring prize pool is $10,000 and you become eligible to win an all-expense paid trip to a Live Championship event.

Critical Ops -

C-Ops will be updated on all platforms by tomorrow December 7th, 2016.

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