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Saturday - C-Ops update 0.6.4 and Server Issues

Critical Ops

The latest Critical Ops update is something that has been long awaited by the community. So far it's only available on Android and Test Flight and will be arriving on the Apple Store soon.

The update includes:

  • A new map: Grounded
  • New Skins for Pistols, Rifles, SMG, Shotguns, and Snipers
  • New GSR Animation
  • New CT Hand Model
  • Modifications to B Site

Servers have been coming offline sporadically and many users have experienced issues while logging in. Critical Force is working to resolve server issues.

The VIS League C-Ops tourney has been postponed until Dec 10th at 11 AM PT.

Despite server issues the ESL C-ops tournament has not been canceled and will proceed as scheduled. The EU cup starts at 7AM PT / 3PM GMT and the NA cup will start at 3PM PT. All matches will be streamed on Mobcrush

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