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Friday - Team Profile Hunters & ESL Mobcrush Cup #3


Team Profile - Hunters

Hunters first became known in the VIPL last year, and since then have consistently outperformed many other teams in China. Though they have evolved through several lineup changes, her eminence, Queen, has remained dominant. Will they bring the same energy to the US as they face their competitors in Hollywood, CA? We’ll find out next week in the Vainglory World Championship!

Tickets are still available - get yours today!

Double Glory Weekend

Double Glory has been activated for this Thanksgiving weekend! Hurry and get as much gameplay in as you can before it ends on Sunday at 4pm PT.

Critical Ops

ESL Critical Ops - Mobcrush Cup #3

If you haven't signed up for ESL's Mobcrush Cup #3 yet, make sure that you do before the tournament this coming Sunday. The EU Cup starts at 3pm GMT / 7AM PT and the NA Cup starts at 3pm PT. You can watch the matches on Mobcrush

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