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Sunday - VG All Stars Game, Broken Myth Contest, and ESL Mobcrush Cup #2


All Stars Game Day 2

The cross server games began today with the analysts facing off against mouseports. Action Jackson, Humanist, and Foojee took the victory 2 - 0. Be sure to watch the games to see your favorite pro competitors in action. 

Brokenmyth's Hero Impressions Contest

Are you good with voice impersonations? Then enter the Hero Impressions contest from Brokenmyth for a chance to win 1000 ICE! Tweet @TeamBrokenMyth with a video of yourself quoting any VG hero. All submissions must be made by Dec 2nd and multiple entries are encouraged. 

Critical Ops

Mobcrush Cup 2

EU Bracket

Earlier today thirty-two teams participated in the EU Mobcrush Cup. Once again Phoenix Raid placed first, followed by Kingdom in second, and Team SyNdicate in third.

Watch the EU games

NA Bracket

Returning from across the pond in the NA Mobcrush Cup, thirty teams signed up for the competition. Kings Redemption places first, followed by Phoenix Reign in second and GankStars & Kings Throne in third and fourth place.

Watch the NA games

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