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Thursday - Worlds Bracket Challenge, C-Ops Community stream, and more


Worlds Bracket Challenge

In anticipation of the first-ever Vainglory World Championship, SEMC has announced the Worlds Bracket Challenge. Guess the victor at every stage of the tournament by filling out the brackets and sharing your results to social media. Guess correctly and you may win an iPhone 7+! 

VG Worlds Schedule / VG Worlds Tickets

New Ardan Skin Concept

Gladiator Ardan will be fighting for your entertainment in the Fold very soon! 

Critical Ops

Community Stream

This week's stream relayed important information about update 0.6.4, coming as early as next month. The update includes new in-game features such as a modified chat system, bug fixes, new skins, and even a new map called Grounded. In addition, announcements of upcoming tournaments and future community giveaways were discussed. The stream concluded with a community Q & A.

Mobcrush Cup Series

ESL & Mobcrush have teamed up to bring you the Mobcrush Cup Series. Cup #2 begins this Sunday. Be sure to sign up if you haven't already. Due to player requests, the NA tournament has been moved up to 6PM ET / 3PM PT on Sunday, Nov 20.

Collegiate Starleague

Scorching Forest, from the University of Florida, has consistently engaged the enemy with skillful tactics, proving to be the East's top contender. Two rivals have risen in the West, LiberationX from American River College and CP Gang from the University of California Merced. Both of these teams are undefeated. Tomorrow, however, they battle against each other and only one may claim victory.

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