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Wednesday - VG CEO Message, and Community C-Ops Stream


A message from the CEO

Ceo, Bo Daly (Nansen), shared a brief message regarding updates being made to the skin and guild system. Improvements are being made to make it easier to manage a guild, find new teammates, and resolve technical issues. Finally, it was mentioned that plans are in place for the success and enrichment of players that are new to the game. 

Dev Stream Canceled

Zekent has done it again... the Dev stream was canceled earlier today due to technical issues. So, if you didn't get around to submitting your questions for the VG dev stream, now's your chance by using #VGQuestion on Twitter.

Critical Ops

Don't miss important information about Critical-Ops update 0.6.4, Mobcrush Cup #1, and more on this week's community stream starting at 11AM ET / 8AM PT.

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