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Friday - Korean Team Profiles, VG Creator Program and Mobcrush Features


Korean Team Profiles

Hack and Phoenix Armada are representing Korea in the VG World Championship. Hack, the wildcard pick, has given stellar performances in both national and international competitions, making them one of the best known Korean teams.  Phoenix Armada is best known for their VIPL Season 3 victory, as well as top 3 finish in VIPLs 1 & 2, and they are known as the strongest team out of Korea. 

Creator Program

"To support the Vainglory streaming community, Team Super Evil is proud to announce Vainglory’s Creator Program, an overarching program that will eventually have support systems for every type of content creation you can image!" 

SEMC has introduced SPAR - the Streamer Progression Award Program. SPAR benefits growing content creators by rewarding ICE and other in-game items. SEMC will be revealing more programs in the near future.

Team Vertigo Announcement

Team Vertigo has released a statement - Josh from Vertigo has stepped down from ownership, and two perhaps-unexpected new leaders have stepped in his place. We wish the new leadership the best of luck!  

Mobcrush Features

Mobcrush released lots of new features lately, including donations, chat bots, and the Replay Kit. The Replay Kit allows for easy streaming from any iOS 10 device, without a Mac or PC. And, you can now send private messages to your friends through Whispers

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