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Tuesday - VG Downtime, World Champion Team Viviane, & More


VG Downtime

You've been warned. VG will be down starting tomorrow at 9AM PT. So make sure to get as much gameplay as you can before VG servers go down for the latest update 1.24. 

VG Worlds Team Spotlight ViVianne  - Japan

Our friends the far east are featured in the Worlds Team Profile. Winning many national and international competitions, ViVianne is definitely a strong contender for the VG World Champion title. 

" ViVianne is a powerful mix of young talent, superstar potential and wise experience"               

Worlds Party Viewing

Make it a party! Gather your friends and watch VG Worlds together on Dec 2-4. Reach out to Vainglory_Gary or wolf_hands on twitter for the VG SWAG hookup.


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