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Sunday - Evil 8 Week 3, Worlds Groups


Evil 8 Split 2 / Week 3


Tournament Bracket


 G2  2 : 0  SNOW Tsunami

GankStars Cerberus  2 : 1  SK Gaming

3rd Place

SK Gaming  2 : 0  SNOW Tsunami [not streamed]


GankStars Cerberus  2 : 1   G2 

The EU Finals went offline due to technical difficulties. The 2nd and 3rd games between GankStars Cerberus and G2 were not streamed. 


Tournament Bracket


GankStars Sirius  2 : 1  KinetiK

Fate  2 : 1  Phoenix Reign 

GankStars Sirius qualifies for Worlds, as the third NA team.

3rd Place

KinetiK  2 : 1  Phoenix Reign [not streamed]


GankStars Sirius  2 : 0  Fate 

Week 3 Final Standings

GankStars secure last 2 Worlds spots as well as win Split 2 in both regions

World Championship Groups

The groups have been drawn randomly, except for one rule: no two teams from same region could be in the same group. Worlds will be played on patch 1.24.

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