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Saturday - VG EVIL 8 Scores, C-Ops NA Champions & Possible VG Reveals


EVIL 8 Split 2 / Week 2


Tournament bracket

 Team Secret  2 : 1  Rising Lotus

GankStars Cerberus  2 : 1  Snow Tsunami

G2  2 : 1  SK Gaming

mousesports  2 : 0  Snow Avalanche

Rising Lotus and Snow Tsunami are eliminated from the running for Vainglory Worlds.


Tournament bracket

KinetiK  2 : 1  Hammers Velocity 

GankStars Sirius  2 : 0  Phoenix Reign

Cloud9  2 : 0  Fate

Team SoloMid  2 : 0  Ardent Aurora

Phoenix Reign, Fate, and Ardent Aurora are eliminated from the running for Vainglory Worlds.

Current Standings for NA & EU


Possible Reveals

Is this a New Ringo Skin Theme?

See the New Tools Teaser here with Joule and koshka.

Did VG reveal a Sorrowblade as the weapon of choice for the new hero?


NA Qualifier Champions  

The NA Qualifier Champions for Mobile Esports is Kings Redemption - Congrats! 

Go here to read Kings' Team Spotlight Feature.

Watch the full stream


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