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Friday - New SE Skins, C-Ops Team INT Fusion, & Defense Items Review

Mobile Esports Team Spotlight - INT FUSION

Mobile Esports has been featuring teams that are participating in the NA Qualifier this year. Int Fusion is part of Instinct Gaming Clan. To read about them check out Mobile Esports' team spotlight here. Follow Mobile Esports and Instinct Gaming Clan on Twitter if you're not already.

Vainglory Reveals SE Rona & Koshka

Red Lantern Koshka & Killer Bunny Rona Special Edition Skins have now been revealed -HYPE!. Select their pictures for more information on abilities, lore, and more.

Vainglory explains Defensive Items

If you're new to Vainglory and would like an in-depth look out how to counter Weapon and Crystal items check out the following article on Defensive Items. 

SEMC Halloween Costumes

SEMC had their Halloween party today. To see a few of their costumes and cast your vote for the best, go here

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