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Thursday - VG for Best New Game, Offline & In-Game Chat, New Hero & More

Vainglory Best New Game Finalist - Esports Industry Awards

Vainglory, made by SEMC, made it's debut in the Apple iPhone 6 Keynote in September 2014 and later officially launched in October. Vainglory was the first MOBA created for mobile gaming. It proved a success with the Android-Launch in July 2015. By focusing and promoting high-level gameplay the game entered the esports scene with the Vainglory World Invitational in 2015.

Vainglory, the MOBA perfected for touch, is in the running for the Best New Game. Voting is open to the public. Let's make VG the best, cast your vote here and follow Esports Industry Awards on Twitter if you're not already.

Stay connected with your VG friends, even when you're offline 

VG has now turned on in-game chat notifications so you can receive messages from your friends when you're offline. You have to be logged in to the account to receive messages so this won't work if you have multiple accounts, even if it's just one on a different server. See the announcement here.

New Hero Alert!

Mysterious, fast & it lurks in the shadows, take a sneak peek here.

VISPRO Autumn Season Starts today

Hammers eSports wins 2-0 against Eanix

TSM match against GankStars is TBD as the match was not played today.

A complete schedule and more information can be found on their website here. For their twitter go here. All games are streamed on

Taka Tier III Fan Art

Credit to はるー / hallu for the drawing. 


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