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Wednesday - ShinKaigan, Arena8, Taka Tier 3, & more

SEMC Hires the ONE and ONLY ShinKaigan

ShinKaigan, more commonly referred to as Shin, was and still is a central part of the Vainglory community. He was one of the first VG streamers, and was hugely popular. He became famous for his high-elo gameplay.  He has a teacher-like approach to his streams, paying attention to chat in order to answer questions. Shin was the go-to streamer for improving your own gameplay. Throughout Vainglory's eSports history, Shin has made efforts to keep away, as he preferred to focus on streaming. However, the competition called him. He played in a few of the European ESL games in May 2015, was a sub for Ardent Alliance in Autumn 2015, and subbed in for Ardent Alliance as their jungler for VIPL 2. Introducing new ideas to the competitive scene, Shin was one of, if not the first player to use Kestrel competitively, and he changed the meta by doing so. His excellent Kestrel play helped Ardent Alliance win first place in VIPL 2. He then became a coach for the team, but eventually shifted focus to helping SEMC with live events. An incredibly skilled player, streamer, and volunteer, ShinKaigan is undeniably a great addition to SEMC's already amazing Dev team. Congrats Shin!

Check out Vainglory's tweet about it. Follow ShinKaigan on Twitter if you're not already. 

Evil 8 Comes to East Asia Region as 'Arena8'

Starting at the beginning of 2017, East Asia server region will have their own version of Evil8 each season and it will be called Arena8. Teams from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau region will participate. $15,000 USD prize pool. Read the official announcement.

Shiro Kage Taka Tier III Is here!

"This is our most technologically advanced skin to date, featuring new effects, animations, lore and an awesome new visual effect when his Ki stacks hit max. "

To read the lore and to see his skin in gameplay, visit here.

Free Hero Rotation Includes Baron!

This week's rotation consists of Baron, Skye, Joule, Ardan Alpha & Saw, so you can try Baron for free.

Visit here for information on the heroes, abilities and gameplay.

Minion Candy Contest: Win SE Petal Skin

VG is having a Minion Candy Contest on Twitter. If you have your eye on the SE Pumpkin Spice Petal, make sure to tweet your version of Minion Candy and use #VaingloryHalloween. Hurry though, this contest is over on Oct 31st! More info.


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