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Monday - New Hero


Gladiator Catherine

Gladiator Catherine

As the battle continues a new beast emerges to claim the lives of our heroes. Determined to emerge victorious, the gladiators fight for their lives atop a dark sea. Each one fighting one another equally as vicious as the beast itself. Maintaining her composure, Gladiator Catherine is determined to save her enemy, one overcome with vengeance and grief. When the crowd's bloodlust had been satiated and weapons no longer pointed at one another, the gladiators stood before the beast's corpse, standing as one. Read the full epic conclusion to the Vainglory Gladiator saga.

New Guidelines for Community Tournaments

If you love to organize events and are in need of a little bit of help, SEMC is helping out any and all Vainglory tournaments. You must notify SEMC via your community manager at least 2 weeks in advance of your tournament. Check out the new rules.


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