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Thursday - Echo Fox, Legendary Bug Petal & VISPRO


Echo Fox enters the Vainglory Scene

Founded in 2015 by Rick Fox, Echo Fox is primarily known for competing in games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and more. Micshe, CullTheMeek, LoneDelphi, are the teams' starters & Foojee has been brought on as coach. It is very exciting to see another great esports organization enter the Vainglory scene - Welcome Echo Fox! 

New Skin - Legendary Bug Petal! 

Check out this amazing animation showing off the new legendary skin. Be ready for some close encounters of the third kind with these creepy crawlers from outer space!



Hammers Velocity  2 : 1  Team Solomid

cloud9  2 : 0  GankStars Sirius

Third Place Match 

GankStars  2 : 1  Team Solomid


Hammers Velocity  VS  cloud9 TBD February, 3 at 5PM PT

Watch the replay!


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