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Monday - New Hero


Gladiator Catherine

Gladiator Catherine

As the battle continues a new beast emerges to claim the lives of our heroes. Determined to emerge victorious, the gladiators fight for their lives atop a dark sea. Each one fighting one another equally as vicious as the beast itself. Maintaining her composure, Gladiator Catherine is determined to save her enemy, one overcome with vengeance and grief. When the crowd's bloodlust had been satiated and weapons no longer pointed at one another, the gladiators stood before the beast's corpse, standing as one. Read the full epic conclusion to the Vainglory Gladiator saga.

New Guidelines for Community Tournaments

If you love to organize events and are in need of a little bit of help, SEMC is helping out any and all Vainglory tournaments. You must notify SEMC via your community manager at least 2 weeks in advance of your tournament. Check out the new rules.


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Tuesday - Vainglory Welcomes Immortals & Rogue


After the Vainglory World Championships in December and VISPRO in January, a few of us were left wondering - What happened to Hammers Velocity? Lo and behold DNZio, Aloh4, and Vains have joined as Team Immortals starting roster with SuiJeneris as team coach. Watch Noah Winston, CEO of Immortals in the following video


A newly formed esports organization from Las Vegas - Rogue, has announced their entry into the Vainglory esports scene! Their current lineup consists of eVoL as team captain,  Xhami as the carry, and WizardSibs as the jungler. Team Rogue's substitute is GrassKun, odds serves as team analyst, and adreN_VG leads as coach and manager. Check out the team's announcement.


Monday - VISCOPS

VISCOPS Winter 2017 Split 1


Hammers Omniscience  13 : 12  GankStars Draco

Team Phoenix Reign wins by forfeiture of DC Invictus

3rd Place Match

GankStars Draco wins by forfeiture of DC Invictus


Team Phoenix Reign  13 : 7  Hammers Omniscience

Watch the replay!


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Thursday - Echo Fox, Legendary Bug Petal & VISPRO


Echo Fox enters the Vainglory Scene

Founded in 2015 by Rick Fox, Echo Fox is primarily known for competing in games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and more. Micshe, CullTheMeek, LoneDelphi, are the teams' starters & Foojee has been brought on as coach. It is very exciting to see another great esports organization enter the Vainglory scene - Welcome Echo Fox! 

New Skin - Legendary Bug Petal! 

Check out this amazing animation showing off the new legendary skin. Be ready for some close encounters of the third kind with these creepy crawlers from outer space!



Hammers Velocity  2 : 1  Team Solomid

cloud9  2 : 0  GankStars Sirius

Third Place Match 

GankStars  2 : 1  Team Solomid


Hammers Velocity  VS  cloud9 TBD February, 3 at 5PM PT

Watch the replay!


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Sunday - VISPRO and ESL Mobcrush Cup



Series 3

Hammers Esports  1 : 2  Team Solomid 

Series 4

GankStars  2 : 0  Ardent Gaming

Series 5

Hammers Esports  2 : 0  Ardent Gaming 

Games Replay

Critical Ops

ESL Mobcrush Cup November Finals


1st Hammers Uprising

2nd Team Phoenix Reborn

3rd Place match between Team Vitality and Carbon Wisdom was not played.

Rewatch Matches


1st Hammers Omniscience

2nd GankStars

3rd place match between Phoenix Reign and Hammers Crusade was not played.

Rewatch Matches

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Saturday - VISPRO and ESL Mobcrush Cup



Day 1 - Tie Breaker Matches:

GankStars  2 :  0  Ardent

GankStars  2 : 1  Team Solomid

Ardent  2 : 0  Hammers Esports

GankStars  V  Hammers Esports - Hammers no show

Rewatch games

Critical Ops

Mobcrush Cup #6


51 Teams participated in the EU Cup today. First place has gone to Hammers Uprising in an incredible and close match up to Team Phoenix Reborn. Team Syndicate Hydras won third followed by DoM Defiance in 4th. Watch the replays.



Out of the 52 teams that participated in today's cup, Omniscience placed first, followed by Nova Supremacy in second. The 3rd place match between Team DvS and IMMO Destroyers was not played. Watch the matches.


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Thursday - Share the Loot Contest and Idris Lore III


Share the Loot Contest

There's a 1 in 3 chance of earning the heroes and skins you like by opening mystery chests. You either need ICE or a Key to open mystery chests. SEMC is rewarding 2 keys to a lucky individual in every region every day until Dec 29. All you have to do is upload a screenshot using #shareyourloot to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 

Idris Lore... Continued

The Churn was swallowing him… and he did not wish to resist. - SugarVenom

Rana and Ayah, the mechanical snake that torments the halls of The House of Insight comes to life in the epic battle between Idris and the serpent sisters. Idris is able to find the book that will unlock the mysteries to defeating the Churn. Since his people lack the technology to be able to read and apply the books' principles, Adagio and Idris team up in search of the Technologists, the only people that may know how. 

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Wednesday - Update 2.0


Update 2.0 at a Glance

"This is just the start of a huge year for Vainglory. New heroes, new gameplay depth, and new game modes are coming in 2017!" -PlayoffBeard

Mystery Chests

Designed to make it easier for players to get the heroes and skins they love, the introduction of Mystery Chests promises a 1 in 3 chance of winning one. Also, you have an extremely rare chance of winning a 1 Million Opals Jackpot. The mystery remains to see who the lucky one is.


Idris is finally here to wreck havoc in the Fold! Decide your fate, test your skills, and play this new versatile hero. Building weapon items allow for you to easily pick off enemy heroes with low health. Crystal items will allow you to secure kills from a distance by remaining at the edge of the fight and gaining ranged basic attacks. 

New Hero Skins

Gladiator Ardan traps his enemies with a barbed wire and stakes gauntlet.  Winter War Catherine looks even more deadly with a red and black romanesque. Fortress prances and cheerfully lights up the arena as Gift Wrapped Fortress. Winter War Kestrel's goggles activate a green laser when she activates her camouflage - how cool is that?  Enjoy these great new additions!

New Items

Poisoned Shiv is designed to cut down on healing, barrier, and fortified health allowing you to tear down defenses. Have you ever wished that you could use Kestrel's One Shot One Kill one more time? Well, Echo allows you to do just that by replicating your last ability used. Slumbering Husk protects you from an enemy hero's burst damage such as Joule's Big Red Button. Lastly, Nullwave Gauntlet grants a 5 second silence to enemy heroes.

New Winter Map

This beautiful winter wonderland is rich in whimsical cool hues that make you feel right at home.

Guild Improvements

In response to player feedback, SEMC has made updates to the guild system. These upgrades will include easier ways to find and join guilds, new administration tools, and improved reward payouts for solo and group play.


New roles have been introduced in update 2.0 to clarify in-game goals and objectives. The Jungler is meant to annoy and kill off a lone enemy. The Captain is the shot-caller and team protector. Lastly, the Carry is the primary damage dealer.

Take a deeper look at Vainglory Update 2.0.

Critical OPS

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Monday - VISPRO, Idris Lore II, C- Ops Tournament Review, and more


VISPRO - Day 1 Week 7

Day 1

Hammer Esports  2 : 0  Team Phoenix 

GankStars  2 : 0 Nemesis

Rewatch Matches

Day 2 matches start tomorrow, Dec 13 at 6PM PT. 

Update 2.0 Server Downtime

Server Downtime has been announced for Wednesday, December 14 at 6AM PT / 2PM GMT. 

Idris Lore II

"In the year of nightly battles he had seen many kinds of Churnbeasts, horrific evolutions of animals and plants, but what slithered through the door was another thing altogether..."  


Idris arrives at The House of Insight - a place of learning that was left abandoned and is beyond repair. Overflowing with books and amongst all these relics there lives a terrifying creature, one that leaves us wondering what its true purpose is.  

Critical Ops

Mobcrush Cup #5


The ESL Mobcrush Series included a heavy match between Hammers (Kings) and Carbon Wisdom in the finals. Hammers won first place this week with 3rd place going to Nemesis and 4th to Immortals. 

Bracket / Rewatch Matches


The 5th installment of the ESL Mobcrush Series resulted in GankStars and Team Phoenix face to face in the finals. GankStars picked up a phenomenal 2nd place finish to TPHX Reborn. The match concluded with a 3-0 victory for TPHX. Match results of DoMTyrany and Nemesis for 3rd was not played. 

Brackets / Rewatch Matches


Saturday was the start of the first ever VIS Leauge Invitational for Critical Ops. Only the top 8 Teams were invited to participate in the tournament. 1st Place prize was set at $200 and 240 cases, the competition was fierce! 

rewatch matches


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Friday - VISPRO and Collegiate StarLeague Finals

Vainglory Tournaments

VISPRO - Day 2

Ardent  2 : 0  Nemesis

Cloud9  1 : 1  KinetiK

Rewatch Matches

Day 1 Results:

Team Solomid  1: 1  Team Phoenix

Hammers Esports  1 : 1  GankStars

Rewatch Matches


Collegiate StarLeague Finals

American River College Champions!

ARC  2 : 0  UC Merced

Critical Ops Tournaments

ESL Mobcrush Cup Series

Dec 10 EU 3PM GMT / 7:00 AM PT

Dec 10 NA 3PM PT 

Watch matches on Mobrush 


Dec 10 11AM PT on Mobcrush


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Thursday - VISPRO, Idris Lore, and more


Day 1 Week 5

Team Solomid  1: 1  Team Phoenix

Hammers Esports  1 : 1  GankStars


Tune in tomorrow for Day 2 featuring:

Nemesis V Ardent at 6PM PT

Cloud9 V Eanix at 7PM PT

only on Mobcrush.


Idris Lore

A man without fear reaches his destination the moment he chooses to depart.

Adagio and Idris meet in "The Advice Not Given".  Idris and his people have survived the destruction of their beautiful crystal cities. The surrounding jungle and creatures slowly take over, and soon their homeland will be destroyed. Idris and Adagio converse about their magical powers and the possibilities of a not so terrifying future.  Read more about Idris' lore written by SugarVenom

Collegiate StarLeague

Don't miss the CSL Finals tomorrow at 7PM PT only on Twitch!

Critical Ops

Mobcrush Cup #5 

Signups are underway for the ESL Mobcrush Cup. If you and your team need help enlisting, watch the following tutorial by iChase. The top team will earn $100 for every player. 

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Wednesday - Collegiate StarLeague and ESL Mobcrush Cup


Collegiate StarLeague Semi's

American River  2 : 0  RPI

University of Florida 2 : 1 UC Merced  TBD Live Now

Finals will take place this Friday, December 9th at 7pm PT.


Critical Ops

ESL Mobcrush Cup Series

Changes have been made to the Mobcrush Cup Series due to player feedback and requests.

Starting this weekend all weekly tournaments will be played on Saturdays. EU tournaments will start at 4PM CET / 7AM PT and NA tournaments will start at 3PM PT. Finals will be on Sunday, Dec 18, and start at 4PM CET / 7AM PT for EU and 3PM PT for NA. In addition, players must compete with the same team on a monthly basis. If you are looking to join a new team or create your own you must wait until the month is over. 

$100 is awarded weekly to the players of the top team. Only the top 8 teams qualify for the monthly finals and the top team is awarded $400 to each player. If you need help signing your team up for the ESL Mobcrush Cup watch the following tutorial by iChase.

Hammers Esports Acquires Kings Clan

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Tuesday - VG Update 2.0 Preview and Collegiate StarLeague


Update 2.0

New Hero Idris

A new versatile hero is here to wreck havoc in the Fold - Idris! By building weapon items he will be easily able to pick off heroes with low health as an in-your-face assassin. Crystal items will allow him to secure kills from a distance by gaining ranged basic attacks. Tap on the picture below for information on his abilities.

Role Changes

VG is restructuring its roles to be; Captain, Carry, and Jungler. The Captain will be the shot-caller and protector of the group. The Carry will be the one to secure kills. Lastly, the Jungler is a combination of both Carry and Captain, being a viable threat to the enemy Carry. For more information on role changes tap the picture below.

Guild Improvements

SEMC has made improvements to the guild system in response to player feedback. These upgrades will include; admin changes, a new guild rewards system, and a better way to find guilds. Tap on the picture below to get full details. 

Collegiate StarLeague

CSL is wrapping up the season this week. Ten schools had entered the league and now only four remain; American River College, UC Merced, University of Florida, and Rensselaer Polytech.  SEMC and CSL are gathering information prior to sign-ups in January to start connecting people to form teams.  If you and your friends are interested in signing up for the Spring Season please fill out this survey. The Spring prize pool is $10,000 and you become eligible to win an all-expense paid trip to a Live Championship event.

Critical Ops -

C-Ops will be updated on all platforms by tomorrow December 7th, 2016.

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Tuesday - Kestrel's New Skin, and C-Ops Server Downtime


Winter War Kestrel

Coming to us in update 2.0 - Winter War Kestrel is sure to never miss a shot in this amazing new skin! Tap on the picture for skin highlights and more.

Critical Ops

Servers for C-Ops will be down starting tonight, Nov 29 at 10PM Pacific / 7AM CET.

Due to recent connectivity and unexpected server issues, Critical Force is changing their server providers in the hopes to better serve the community.  Make sure to get as much gameplay in before the scheduled downtime. 

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Monday - VG Mystery Chests


Update 2.0 - Mystery Chests

SEMC is giving us a sneak peak into Update 2.0 with the introduction of Mystery Chests, They are designed to be an easier way of getting heroes, skins, opals, and even keys. Vainglory has added a little twist to the mystery though by stating that "There's an extremely rare chance of hitting a 1 Million Opals jackpot, which is enough to set you up for life". Imagine that, 1 Million Opals in your account, kinda exciting! Tap here to read more about Mystery Chests.

#CyberMonday Poster Contest

Be sure to enter for a chance to win 1500 ICE. There have been a few great entries already, good luck!

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