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Exceptional skill

Inspiring sportsmanship

Great personalities


GankStars is a success story unlike any other, and 2017 is set to be our most-defining year. Our ambition is uncompromising - to be the best esports org in the world as voted by our fans, staff, and players. There has never been a better time in esports than now, but that window of opportunity is short. Extraordinary goals require extraordinary people who share the same vision. Are you one of them?

The below positions (except for Vainglory coach) pay in equity, not salary (until there's enough capital to pay salary, that is). You need to have the financial stability to pay bills on your own accord. We are making great progress towards being able to pay people good salaries; however, we are unable to make specific guarantees just yet.  

For co-ownership positions, you must: 

  • love gaming and/or sports
  • be located in North America (strongly preferred)
  • be over 18 years old (we'd be surprised if anyone under 25 qualified, but there are gifted people out there)
  • send some past work for us to look at
  • work hard (and smart)
  • have a sense of humor better than PwntByUkrainian's (it's a pretty low bar)

Email us your portfolio/story to! Please, serious applications only.

Creative Director


You learned Photoshop when you were 5 and your parents bought you a copy of After Effects for your 7th birthday. You love creating stunning visuals that are sleek & timeless. You find the expression "a book shouldn't be judged by its cover" cute in its aspirations but entirely foolish because, well, a book will be judged by its cover. Speaking of - yes, we're working on a new web site... apologies!


Vainglory Coach

(OPEN, $500+/month)

It's our first paid position outside of player position because we know (as does the entire sports industry) that behind every great player is a great coach. Going into Autumn 2017 and beyond, we're focusing heavily on a strong coaching and support infrastructure for our players. Would you like to coach one of the most iconic teams in Vainglory? Let's chat! You need at least one full year of experience in Vainglory OR 6 months in VG and 2+ years in another MOBA. Must be at least 18 years old, have excellent and firm communication skills, understand behavioral psychology, etc. Serious applications only - we really are looking for the best talent!


Video Content Director


You love creating videos that move, inspire, and captivate. You look at a rushed video and cringe; if only they had done these few small changes, they could have 'saved' it! You are great at shooting video and have the tools to do it, and you prefer to not even get started if storyboards aren't done. Premier or FCP? The one that gets the job done. The idea of producing a video from scratch to finish exhilarates you. 


The below positions do not provide compensation of any kind unless specified; however, other benefits such as co-promotion, individual development, merchandise, sponsors' products, and event invitations/trips are obviously on the table.


(any platform)

We're building the most organized, fun, & profitable stream team out there. To apply, you must love entertaining people and you're here to build something bigger than yourself. You're open to feedback and want to grow via coaching. Sounds like you? Let's chat about how we can help each other grow! It doesn't matter what you stream, as long as you're passionate about it.


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