Mobile-first, PC-ready: New Milestone for Gankstars

In early 2015, without funding or sponsors, a small group of people founded a guild for fun in an upstart mobile game. If one were to distill the group to a single core belief, it would be to "aim for the stars" because no dream is too big.

Three years, 15+ LANs, 4 world championship trips, and 2 World Champion titles later, Gankstars is home to 25+ professional players who are cheered on by hundreds of thousands of fans. Last year we were awarded a franchise spot in Vainglory, a mobile game, and today we have just announced being one of the 15 inaugural franchises of the new and amazing PC-based H1Z1 Pro League. We're honored to find ourselves amid such good company as Cloud9, Echo Fox, TSM, CLG, Rogue, and Tempo Storm, among others.

Hell yeah!!!

If I could have a superpower, it would be to make people feel like everyone around them believes in them. There's no better harbor for a soul than being understood, and there's no better feeling than when somebody believes in you. Even when we fail - and only those that don't try, don't fail - the feeling of being understood and supported can carry us through the hard lessons and onto the next attempt.

On behalf of all Gankstars - past, present, and future - I'd like to thank Daybreak & Twin Galaxies for believing in us.

We started with literally nothing, and to us this is a big opportunity. It was hard to imagine a year ago that we would be part of a league where we're spending a minimum of $50,000 per player per year... but today it's the reality. We'll probably stumble a bit as we scale up - and I hope we capture those moments on film so that you guys can laugh at us now and, years down the road, we can laugh with you. :) But I know that everyone at GS will pour their hearts out to make us a top contender in the inaugural season of H1PL. I'd like to thank our staff, our H1 team, and in particular my COO Luke for the hard work they've been putting in. <3 #GankFam

The journey to get here had been nothing short of a whirlwind, and it also feels like a beginning to a much larger story. Today, we celebrate!! Tomorrow, we roll up our sleeves and continue building a ferocious team, awesome content, and a community that it feels damn good to be a part of. All dreamers are welcome here.

#FeelsGood #GSWIN