Transparency in Vainglory Payouts: 2-year update

[By PwntByUkrainian]

2 years ago, we posted an article about Vainglory player payouts. We said that a player at GankStars could earn up to $3500 per season and expect GS to take only 15% of prize pool and 0% of stream income. 

So, what's changed?

Just the pay. Right now, a player can expect between $1,000 (bottom rung of Vainglory8 or unproven) and $2,000 (mid-rung of Vainglory8, some experience) per month. If in-game badge sales prove to be great, the numbers will go up. In the past, we paid even more to certain players - up to $3,000 per month. We hear that a few all-star players get paid even more today, but that only comes after multiple seasons of being the top 1 or 2 player in a given role. Emphasis on 'few'.

During the Fall 2017 season, we spent on average of $4,500/month for the entire Vainglory team. A few orgs pay more, though most pay less. Let's see what this number looks like once 5v5 is around! 

Here's the 2-year old post from the old web site, for reference: