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Vainglory Summer 2017: What Happened?

Hello GankStars! 

Let's talk about Vainglory. We're kicking ass on almost every front where we're involved: from Critical Ops to Paladins to H1Z1. When we enter a game title, we dominate faster and more consistently than almost any other organization out there. 

However, we stumbled in VG this summer season and for the first time in GankStars history, we're not attending the seasonal live event. We had a crazy run of being a top 3 org for 2 years straight in either NA or EU, so losing that claim for a season isn't that big of a deal in perspective. Nevertheless, many of you reached out wanting to know what happened and what plans we have to correct course. Note that I cannot disclose too many details in order to protect player privacy, but there are a few things I can talk about.

First - I take 100% responsibility. I had to make some decisions behind the scenes that were distracting to the team during key periods of the season. On top of it, I made the decision that the whole team should be at the team house near Los Angeles, which meant saying goodbye to R3cKeD, who is undoubtedly one of the best captains in Vainglory. Had R3cKeD stayed with us, I am confident that we would have qualified for the end-of-season Championships regardless of other things that went on. Finally, we should have started MackDaddyB earlier; we reacted fast, but not fast enough.

We are not yet sure what Fall season will look like, but we're certainly looking to make changes. From bringing on additional analyst and coaching resources to adjusting the roster a little, we're evaluating all options. GankStars is a household brand in Vainglory and we intend to keep it that way. At the very minimum, our goal for Fall is to stay in Vainglory8. On the optimistic side, our goal is to qualify for World Championships. Of course, that may be difficult due to the majority of players being signed until the end of the year.

So while we're working hard to prepare for Fall, we are also focusing on the coming year and I am really excited about our 2018 roadmap! If the changes we're working on go through, I feel very, very confident about our chances of winning Worlds in 2018. We're focusing on building a support system for the best talent out there. Once we secure said talent, we will have all the tools that they need to grow and succeed. From analytics to in-game coaching to nutrition plans, we will be helping our pro players become true e-athletes. 

The partnership with R/GA and Verizon Ventures is the first step. A month ago, nobody would have thought that these two titans of their respective industries would pick GankStars out of all other teams out there. And yet, here we are. Now we are working around the clock on other initiatives that I hope will pleasantly surprise you in a similar fashion! 

Stay tuned and thank you for the best support system an esports org can ask for! #GSFAMOP

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