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Vainglory Dispatch #1: Improving Together

For a few months now, Skillz4Killz had been working on gathering feedback about Vainglory. Ever since Skillz joined GS about a month and a half ago, a few GS Galaxy members as well as non-members have joined in to help him. Special thanks to sean and BrianGlory for their contributions. Some ideas in this document were taken from others' forums posts and they should have been credited at the end - please let Skillz know if he missed anyone.

The project is not being published under GankStars' brand; it is owned by Skillz and I do think it's best for it to be a neutral ground where actual authors take all the credit. We do want to help spread the word about it, however; we think it's a great project in general and one that brings value to the community. I spent at least a full dozen hours editing the document myself. 

Please - read and participate, either on Reddit or the official Forums, whichever is easiest for you. We can't wait to see how amazing Dispatch #2 will be!

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