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Sirius Spring Roster Changes

The North American competitive scene is experiencing many roster changes as Winter Season comes to an end and players have time to evaluate their professional opportunities. This is no different for GankStars as we have recently announced the departure of long-time Roam gabevizzle from team Sirius. So that leaves the question! Who will help lead Sirius to victory in Spring 2016?

Welcome R3cKeD

GankStars is proud to announce that R3cKeD will be joining the
existing lineup of IraqiZorro and FooJee for the upcoming season.

R3cKeD has been active in Vainglory for over a year, specializing as a Roam player and showing great prowess on many heroes this position has required individuals to master. He is a strategist, opportunist, and mature/focused player always working on his personal skills. As a member of ‘Fusion’ in July of 2015, he played on the international stage in Seoul, Korea alongside FooJee and Oldskool for the Vainglory World Invitationals. R3cKeD would soon after join GankStars Vega to qualify and compete in the North American Autumn Championships. His domestic, international, and live-performance experience gives us great confidence in R3cKeD’s addition to the Sirius team and we can now set our sights towards the Spring Championships. 

Thank You

Whether you have been an avid long-time GankStars enthusiast or you are a new fan to the brand, we look forward to making you proud in the coming months and thank you ahead of time for your support.

The organization feels it, the players feel it. 

Cheers to an exciting future,
The GankStars Family

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