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Announcing GankStars Galaxy - A Community of Friends

“Community? Aren’t you an eSports organization?” 

What seems like both a long time ago and just yesterday, GankStars became competitive. Ever since, we have wrangled with trying to balance our competitive and casual sides of the guild. This affected everything - from minimum rank requirements during recruitment, to managing ‘noise’ levels in chat so strategies could be more easily discussed, to only accepting people that somehow directly supported the competitive side. We’ve tried multiple approaches and while few have worked, most have failed. This type of dynamic is also very new to the MOBA space and in some ways with guilds, Vainglory has brought elements of an MMORPG to the game. In the end, we feel that having a casual guild and competitive organization clumped together under one name with no specific unifying purpose is not what we want to have in the long run. So how do we unify?

Well we think the best way is to help build a GankStars Community.

For the longest time we wanted GS to remain small. We weren’t a fully casual guild, so it didn’t make sense to recruit a ton of casual members. But we also didn’t want to hoard competitive talent, so we often limited our recruitment in that area as well. Since late April, we have received over 300 applications to the guild; less than 10% succeeded and it was certainly not easy to say ‘no’ so many times. But the new vision for the GS Community requires manpower to make things happen, so we’re finally looking for an opportunity to say ‘yes’ more often. 

So what is this GankStars Galaxy? 

It’s a community of creators, producers, organizers, makers, movers, and friends united around the goal of content creation that primarily advocates Vainglory as a game and eSport. Many would join this community if they are a fan our competitive teams, yet the greater focus would be to help grow the Vainglory scene by writing guides, making videos, participating in shows, volunteering at events, helping other teams and guilds, and in general being a focused force for the good of all while having a hell of a good time doing it. 

It may sound like a conflict of interest when we say that we want to help all teams and players out there. Yes, we’ll always try to be the best and perform at our highest level, but we won’t be the best all the time, every time. And we absolutely won’t thrive in an environment where supporting each other isn’t a priority. Vainglory isn’t a one-winner-takes-all game. Vainglory is a platform on which many teams and organizations can flourish and where millions of players can have a great time together. And that world, the world where Vainglory is a huge success with many healthy teams and well-educated, well-entertained players, is the world we want to live in. So we want to do our part in creating it.

We’re looking for YouTube pros, entertainers, video editors, media aficionados, artists, organizers, positive influencers, active gamers, and just awesome personalities! 

If any of this sounds like you, please apply! And if there is something else unique that you can bring that’s not listed here, let us know.

Carpe Diem!


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