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GankStars was formed at the dawn of 2015 as a casual guild to help friends play games together. Friends invited friends, and within two months the guild had some of the best players in Vainglory. This helped us get a number of trophies and turned us into what we are today - a grassroots esports organization with ambitious long-term goals:

  • Continue winning at national and world levels
  • Help build a sustainable esports community of players and teams
  • Help with esports' mass appeal and acceptance

Rules & Values

We don't like having many rules and we embrace individuality. Still, we enforce the following: 

  • Do not disrespect or harass anyone, member or not.
  • Show inspiring sportsmanship. 
  • Take constructive criticism well: we all have something to learn.
  • Some form of participation in the guild is mandatory.
  • Do not bring prolonged or repetitive negativity to guild chat, nor encourage it.
  • Do not snipe guildmates on purpose when on alts. 

The Future

Our vision is to not just continue winning top titles, but also help grow other teams as well as the games we're playing. This is a genuine goal, hence why the Blog posts, GS Academy, VG Dispatch, and other initiatives we either do ourselves or support in the community.  Come join us if you can contribute and want to own a piece - these are exciting times! 

Our Streamers

All streamers and players are in North America unless otherwise specified.

Official events are streamed at (NA) and (RU)

Vainglory Pros

IraqiZorro - 

XenoTek -

MackDaddyB (Vainglory) - 

Critical Ops Pros

Jok3r -  

Vulcan -

Other GankStars (NA)

RumblySuperset (Vainglory, others) -

Koopatroopa787 (Summoner's War, others) -

SavvyStarfruit (Variety) -

krisababe (Vainglory) - 

captainjenni (Vainglory) -

CaptainJeffy (Vainglory) - 

Mal3ficarum (Vainglory) - and


AutoKorrect (Overwatch, Vainglory, others) -


oRehby (Vainglory) -

GankStarsRU (Variety) -

Content Production

Official channel:

Vainglory GS Academy:





Instagram:  gankstagrams

Snapchat:  vggankstars

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